Tuesday, February 14, 2017

life goals

My only life goal is to become what we call in America a "hypebeast". This means I must have all Supreme clothing and wear Yeezy's. Also I need the Supreme mini bike, because the I would be officially hypebeast. I might even start my own company called Absolute. It would be basically the same as Supreme but I don't care. I already have an idea to do an Absolute, Supreme, Gucci, Yeezy, Jordan sneaker. it would be a Jordan 10 with Yeezy boost soles, Absolute and Supreme logos on each side of the shoe and it would be Gucci colors. It would sell retail for 350 dollars, but would obviously be very limited, so they resale for 10,000 dollars. Below I have pictures of stuff a hypebeast would wear.
image_59d0ede8-a797-4e26-bb2a-2cc77ed7becc_2048x2048.jpg (381×203)